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baby adoption

In a domestic infant adoption, expectant parents in the United States who are unable to parent their child make an adoption plan for their new baby. All Blessings International offers domestic infant adoption services for families residing in Missouri, Indiana, Tennessee or Kentucky. We can help prospective adoptive families who have already identified a child to adopt with home study services and assistance through the legal adoption process.

domestic newborn adoptionFor Expectant Parents
We work with Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri expectant mothers and families as they contemplate an adoption plan for their babies. Private, non-directive counseling is offered to expectant families, and our Pregnancy Counselor will help to access community resources and medical care for the birth families, whenever necessary. Biological parents have the opportunity to choose the adoptive family for their baby, and placement is usually made with the adoptive family soon after the baby's birth.

Domestic Infant Adoption
ABI offers domestic child placement services for Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri families who have utilized our home study services.

To be eligible to adopt an infant born within the United States, parent(s) should be at least 21 years and there is no maximum age. Both married couples and single applicants are able to adopt in this program, and there is no limit for number of children residing in the home (however, it is less common for expectant parents to select an adoptive family already parenting several children).

Adoptive parents are usually chosen by the expectant families, so there is no guarantee of when or if an adoptive family will be selected. Some families might be selected two weeks after their file is complete, and others might wait several years and never be chosen. There can be no "timeline guarantee". We highly recommend that adoptive applicants submit their profile to at least one other placing agency to increase their exposure to expectant parents.

Please note that many agencies accepting out-of-state families seeking to adopt a Caucasian child with no special needs require non-refundable fees. These fees may be charged whether or not that agency actually places a child with your family.

ABI has developed great relationships with adoption agencies throughout the United States, and will help adopting families network to be considered for a domestic placement with these out-of-state agencies.

domestic adoption agency

For Adoptive Families Adopting an Identified Child
An independent placement occurs when the expectant parents and non-related adoptive parents choose to pursue an adoptive placement without the introduction and services of an adoption agency. ABI can help families in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Missouri complete a home study and comply with all rules and regulations for your adoption, whether the child is born in your state or in another state. We have the knowledge to make absolutely sure your adoption is legal and permanent!

The first step of the process will be to contact the office in your state of residence for an adoption home study:

Please contact our office for information about our domestic adoptions program.

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