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El Salvador adoption
El Salvador adoptions All Blessings International offers adoption services in El Salvador for toddlers and older children in need of permanent families. Toddlers and older children, including those with special needs and sibling groups, are available for referral from El Salvador and must be approved by the Central Authority.

The time frame for

adoption from El Salvador

is unpredictable at this time, but is estimated to be between 24 - 36 months, with the majority falling somewhere in the middle. Typically, a referral will be offered to a paper-ready family in 12 - 15 months, however, depending on the family's request this wait for a referral could be shorter or longer.

El Salvador law allows families meeting the following criteria to adopt:
  • minimum age 25
  • no more than 45 years older than the referred child
  • minmum 5 years of marriage
  • single women may adopt
  • applicants must be in good physical health
  • a psychologocal evaluation is required
adoption from El Salvador The

El Salvador adoption

program has lower fees then many countries. Download our El Salvador program overview sheet and our international program comparison sheet to compare programs and fees.

ABI is not currently accepting families who are only interested in the adoption of an infant. ABI has supported various humanitarian aid projects in El Salvador. You can learn more about this on our missions page.
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