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"At the age of 34 I found myself pregnant, single, and very scared. Initially, I believed my only choice was to parent my baby whether single or married. When the idea of adoption was introduced to me, I can honestly say it had never entered my mind as an option. However,it didn't take me long to realize that it was an option worth exploring. I began to pray like never before and God began to lead me down the path of adoption. With the help of a local Christian agency I was able to choose and meet the adoptive parents with whom I quickly fell in love. It was my desire to have an open adoption and this has worked beautifully for all of us. My boys and I are blessed everytime we hear her voice over the phone or visit with her and her precious family. I wanted the very best for my baby and adoption has allowed me to give that to her."

Tonya L. McKinney
Adoption Mentor/Pregnancy Counselor
All Blessings International

Adoption options
Open Adoption: You’ll share your identity with the prospective adoptive family, and they’ll share theirs with you. You choose the level of future contact you want. Interactions can include letters, e-mails, telephone calls, and even visits.
Semi-Open Adoption: You can choose to share only non-identifying information with the prospective adoptive family. The

adoption agency

will assist with these interactions so that your privacy and theirs will be protected. Regular updates and pictures will be available for you to pick up or have mailed from the

adoption agency

, and this is the most common type of contact plan that birth and adoptive parents choose.
Closed Adoption: Closed adoptions are when the birth parents and adoptive parents have absolutely no information about each other. In a closed adoption, you would never see a photograph or even know a first name of the adoptive parents. In general, closed adoption is not encouraged since they don’t provide any benefit to the birth family, the child, or the prospective adoptive family. The families that our agency works with are required to provide regular updates and photographs of the child they adopt, but it’s the biological parent’s choice whether and when to receive this information.
If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can contact a pregnancy counselor 24 hours a day at 1-866-424-2974. Or, simply text 217.898.1158 or email Maria for adoption information and assistance.
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