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Adoption crisis

All Blessings International is happy to be able to offer assistance to family after the adoption is completed. Every adoption is not the same and each family faces their own set of challenges. ABI offers Adoption Crisis Counseling and Adoption Dissolution/Disruption Services to families who are currently facing challenges after their adoption process.

Post-Placement Reports:
ABI can write post-placement reports for families residing in IN, TN, MO or KY to submit to their child's birth country. We can write reports and recommendation for re-adoption or adoption validation in either state.

Post-Placement Counseling:
ABI offers short-term intensive crisis counseling and consulting for adoptive families facing challenges. With adequate preparation and full disclosure adoptions typically go smoothly; however there are times when adoptive placements enter a time of crisis and assistance by professionals familiar with adoption issues is essential. It takes a highly skilled therapist to sort through the many aspects involved in adoption counseling and to avoid triangulation. ABI will provide assistance in identifying appropriate resources including a long term therapist. ABI can also provide immediate crisis intervention assistance, not only with identifying resources, exploring respite possibilities and personal counseling, either on the phone or in person for local families.

Dissolution/Disruption Services:
After significant reflection and consideration, All Blessings International, Inc. has decided to discontinue the Mending Hearts Program. We recognize the continued need for intensive services and alternatives for adoptive families in crisis; however, we do not have the resources to continue this ministry to families and children at this time. Thank you for your support.

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