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Kentucky Office Staff

A. Lucy Armistead, Founder and Director

Education: Bachelors from Kentucky Wesleyan and Masters in Counseling from Western Kentucky University, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Family: Lucy is a parent both through biology and adoption. Having internationally adopted older children, she is particularly passionate about the issues faced within orphanage settings, the trauma children experience, as well as educating prospective adoptive families on older child adoption.

Why do I work in adoptions? "I was the Adoption Program Coordinator for a large human services organization for several years, an experience which showed me that working in the adoption field was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I tried to get excited about other job offers, but only had a "sense of peace" about continuing in service to children and families. I knew God wanted me to continue this work. Founding an agency was a daunting experience, but God led me through it and helped me find just the right people to help me. After becoming licensed to provide adoption services, I applied for my non-profit status and was awarded with its recognition. ABI is also pursuing additional avenues of service to our communities." email Lucy

Lydia Fusco: Adoption Case Specialist and Pregnancy Counselor

Education: Bachelor of Social Work degree from Brescia University

Family: Lydia is married to Anthony, and they have been blessed with 4 children - Amelia, Joseph, Giana, and Frankie.

Why do I work in adoptions? "I can't imagine a better use of my time than to have a role in bringing children that are in such need of homes to parents that are so ready to love a child. I truly believe that God has given me a gift greater than I could have asked for in placing me in this position, for this agency. Working for ABI, an agency so focused on building strong families, has been priceless for my children as they have been warmly welcomed into the function of the business. The mission, families, and work environment at ABI are the best and I feel very blessed to be part of this organization." email Lydia

Amy Baird Larkin: Post Adoption Coordinator & Case Specialist

Education: Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Brescia University

Family: Amy is married to Chad, and is the proud mother of two boys - Jacob and Tyler and two girls - Sarah and Ella.

Why do I work in adoption? "I am happy to be a part of the ABI Team as it is an honor to work with families and a blessing to see parents and children united. I love the work I do and the very best part is helping children become a part of a loving forever family. I am proud to be associated with an agency that does so much good for families and children around the world. I look forward to working with many more wonderful families during their journey to adopt." email Amy

Raven McCrady: KY Office Director

Education: Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Kentucky Wesleyan College. Currently pursuing master of Public Administration, Non-Profit Sector from Western Kentucky University

Family: Raven is married to Brad and they have one daughter, Elinor, whom they adopted in 2014 and they have one biological son who passed away in 2013.

Why do I work in adoptions? I cannot remember a time when adoption wasn’t a part of my plan for becoming a parent. A childhood visit to Haiti made me a life-long advocate for orphan care. I became involved with ABI’s orphan care efforts as a teenager. I firmly believe in the innate worth of every human in every place and I believe the Gospel is a giant metaphor for adoption. Christ has filled my heart with love for all people and I cannot imagine my life without service to His children. In 2014, I was forever changed when ABI helped me bring a daughter into my life through domestic adoption, and adoption literally became part of my identity. My path to an adoption career is paved with miracles. As a Christian and a human rights supporter, there is no greater blessing than uniting children in need of families with parents who have prayed fervently for them. email Raven

Jennifer Baldwin: Executive Assistant & Case Specialist

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Human Services Administration from Kentucky Wesleyan College

Family: Jenny is married to Jarrod and they have three children - Nathan, Andrew and Faith

Why do I work in adoptions? After several years of staying at home with my children, I am thrilled to be able to assist others expand their families through adoption. Whether they are choosing to adopt internationally or domestic, the joy of children in your home is a blessing and it is an honor to be a part of that process for others. All Blessings International is a small non-profit organization that is able to make a difference in the lives of children all over the world. The relationships that we have with each other and our families makes our work environment a positive one. email Jennifer

Lynne Payne: Office Assistant

Family: Lynne is married to Chris and they are blessed with 4 children Christopher, Lucas, Alex, and Rachel

Why do I work in adoptions? I have been blessed enough to be a stay at home mom for 17 years. Now that all of my children are in school and doing well I decided to take a step out into the work force. I am so excited about my office assistant job opportunity at all blessings. I am very happy to be able to be in the office assisting and being a part of the exciting and joyous times in the adoption process.

Diana Boni: Haiti and UAA/PP Programs Coordinator

Education: Bachelors from Colorado State University

Family: Diana is married to Mike. Together they have two biological children and five children adopted from Haiti. They have numerous horses, dogs, toads and whatever else the kids bring home.

Why do I work in adoption? "I never intended to work in adoptions, although we knew we wanted to adopt. I had a comfortable, typical career. But on December 13th, 2003, I visited the Haitian orphanage where my children were living and my life changed forever. I walked through the orphanage gate a computer programmer and walked out a life-long advocate for Haiti. I could not live with knowing there were children waiting with no familes and not doing something about it. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve abandoned and orphaned children and the families who welcome them home." email Diana or call her on her direct line: 605-301-4690

Emily Himonidis : Adoption Case Specialist

Education: Master’s of Education with an emphasis in Special Education from the University of Northern Kentucky

Family: Emily is married to Christos and they have been blessed with Anthony, Nickolas, and Ava, all adopted from Guatemala.

Why do I work in Adoptions? "My husband and I have been helped through the adoption process for all three of our children with ABI. We have realized how blessed we were to have such a kind and caring staff support us in our journeys. I have been praying that God would give me the opportunity to help others in the adoption process and feel that working at ABI is the answer to this prayer. I am very excited to be working at ABI and having the opportunity to help others build their forever families through adopting." email Emily or call her cell phone at 859-802-3817

Indiana Branch Office Staff

Maria Gocke: Indiana Office Director, Domestic Coordinator

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Missions from Central Bible College; Masters in Social Work from Missouri State University

Family: Husband, Steve, their three year old son, Silas, whom they adopted from Taiwan, and Maria is currently pregnant with their second child.

Why do I work in adoptions? My life is immensely blessed by being both an adoption worker and an adoptive mom! Each adoption case is unique, and it is such a wonderful experience to interact with both adoptive parents and birthmothers/birthfathers. To be a part of God bringing together children with their Forever Families is not work, it is not a job, it is a sacred experience that I am blessed to be a part of. email Maria

Missouri Branch Office Staff

Emily Mathews: Director of Social Services, Missouri Office Director

Education: Bachelors of Arts degrees in Psychology/Sociology from Southwest Baptist University and Master of Social Work from Missouri State University.

Family: Emily's greatest joy is being a wife to her husband Sam and a mom to her three children, who joined their family through the miracles of international adoption, foster adoption, and birth.

Why do I work in adoptions? "I believe there is no privilege greater than bridging the gap between children and families through the gift of adoption. I have had several opportunities to travel to orphanages and interact with children overseas. These experiences confirmed my calling to work in the field of adoption. I met Lucy through working in an orphanage in Guatemala. I immediately knew our hearts aligned and that I desired to work for an agency such as All Blessings International. It has been a joy to watch ABI expand to Missouri and I look forward to watching the Lord continue to unite forever families. email Emily

Kim Gray: Missouri Adoption Case Specialist

Education: Bachelors Degree in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO

Family: Kim is married to Chris and they have two children, Cooper and Bria.

Why do I work in adoptions? "My desire is for every child to have a wonderful home. I know that not every child will be born into a wonderful home life. I believe that sometimes God chooses to create a family in other ways. I believe that adoption is one of God's ways of showing His love for us. I am excited to work in a field that can show the world the love of Christ. Christ chose us and brought us into His kingdom. Through adoption we can bring families together. I have traveled overseas and seen children in need of families. I am thankful that I will be able to playa small role in bringing children home to their forever families. I am also thankful that God has led me to All Blessings International, which is an agency that also desires to see families brought together and works diligently to see this happen." email Kim

Meryah McGill: Missouri Adoption Social Worker, Program Coordinator, Dossier Coordinator

Education: Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Missouri State University & Master of Social Work Degree from Missouri State University. Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Missouri.

Family: Meryah is married to Dustin and is the proud parent of her son. Meryah is also the proud birthmother of two sons who were adopted by their parents through a fully open adoption.

Why do I want to work in adoptions? I have always felt that I was meant to be in a helping profession. As a birthmother, I am personally involved in a fully open adoption. Ever since then, I have had my heart set on working specifically in the field of adoption. Unfortunately, not all children are born into families that are able to provide sufficient care for them. Children are such blessings, and they all deserve the very best life possible. It is very gratifying to witness children unite with forever families that are full of love and support. I cannot think of a more rewarding career than one involving working with adoptions. email Meryah

Tennessee Branch Office Staff

Stephanie Williams: Adoption Case Specialist, Tennessee Office Director

Education: Bachelor of Social Work degree from Middle Tennessee State University.

Family: Stephanie is married to Brian, and together they have two beautiful children, Sophia, from China, and Noah, from Korea.

Why do I work in adoptions? My passion for adoption began when I was just twelve years old, after watching a movie about American parents adopting a Korean toddler. I knew by the end of the film that international adoption was my life’s calling. Before that time, I had not realized there were orphans, and the injustice and pain of that fact struck me to the core, and never left me. As an adult, learning the reasons children in foreign countries are available for adoption only solidified my passion to serve them and the amazing people who have chosen to love and parent them. In adoption, I see God. I see miracles that only He could orchestrate. And I have the privilege of working alongside people who are living out the truest form of a visible Gospel there could be - the act of bringing a child into one’s family regardless of background, race, impediment, culture or personal cost – and saying to them, “I love you. You are mine.” email Stephanie

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